cUSTOMizing your facial

The Glow Ayurveda & Skincare custom facial is one of my most favorite to perform because it is the only facial that fully addresses the skin concerns of the Unique Individual... not the one size fits all approach!

restoring balance

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medical system that considers each unique person and their mind, body, soul makeup. We are all born into the world unique from one another and throughout our lifetime we face imbalances due to age, season, climate, environment and several other factors.
All imbalances begin in the mind, but most people only begin to feel the imbalance in their physical body. Manifesting first in the gut and then begin to show itself through the skin.

I combine my degree in Ayurveda with my skincare license to provide the proper skincare treatment programs for you from the INSIDE OUT!

healing modalities

Aside from the proper skin analysis, this facial may include a number of modalities such as: Deep pore cleansing, ayurvedic massage, marma point therapy ( acupressure ), microdermabrasion, chemical peels, mircro-peels, and customized masqueing. Whether the skin concern is acne, rosacae, fine, lines wrinkles or anti-aging- I have a solution for you!

The treatment is set at the appointment time after skin analysis and discussed with client before beginning treatments.