Bliss Therapy

A traditional Ayurvedic Body Detoxification Therapy that includes these three modalities:

                    • Glow Abyhanga Warm Oil Body Massage

                    • Swedana (Tented Herbal Steam Bath)

                     • Shirodara (Warm aromatic oil over forehead & scalp)

Glow Abyhanga

Warm Oil Body Massage

• Deeply lubricates skin, muscles and joints

•  Dislodges accumulated toxins throughout the body

•  Improves flow of blood, nutrients nd oxygen throughout the body, especially to nerve endings.

•  Increases stamina

•  Stimulates circulation of lymphatic fluid

•  Strengthens immune system and reverses effects of aging process

•  Creates systemic balance of all three “doshas”

•  Promotes better, deeper sleep at night


Tented herbal steam bath

• Dilates channels of various tissues in the body that supply nourishment while aiding in
  cleansing and waste removal

• Steam therapy helps soften and loosen impurities opening pores for better circulation

• Removes stiffness, heaviness coldness, and balances the subtle energies of body and mind

• Cellular digestive fire is increased and the subcutaneous and fatty tissues which store
  toxins are liquefied and mobilized

•  Refreshes the body and mind following oil therapies


Warm aromatic oil over forehead & scalp